Achievement = Success

amp_picAt Amprey & Associates, we know that the success of a school or school district is measured by student achievement. We know that the efficacy of a principal or superintendent will be judged on their school or district performance. And we know that provided with the right resources, teachers, principals, superintendents, schools and districts can successfully reach their desired goals.

If you are a business selling services and programs to school districts or if you are a school district seeking programs to help build success in your schools, Amprey & Associates is able to help you. We work with businesses that want to provide resources to school districts. We work with school districts to improve performance.


Amprey and Associates features three former superintendents as advisors to our personnel on all matters. They are Dr. Carolyn Getridge, Dr. Franklin Smith, and Dr. James Williams. Each has agreed to serve in an advisory capacity to the President. They each share in the vision and mission of our company.

Businesses Selling to School Districts:

We provide ACCESS: Access to Decision-Makers at school systems across the country in order to help you increase SALES and DISTRIBUTION. Click HERE to learn more about our individualized Positioning and Marketing Program for your product or service.

School System Improvement:

We provide EXCELLENCE: Assessment and evaluations along with coaching and mentoring. Click HERE to learn more about our School System Accelerator Program for your school district.
Let us help you find the formula to success.

Training for Government Agencies:

Amprey & Associates also works with Government Agencies, both federal and local, especially with regard to any of your training needs. Click HERE to learn more about our Government Contracting Capabilities.


Amprey & Associates: An educated solution to achieving success for your schools.


Amprey & Associates is an educational consulting firm committed to helping connect businesses and school districts to create a synergy between both entities. Additionally, we provide all types of training and program management with federal and local agencies.