Our Team

Our team of professionals has a vast array of expertise and experience.  Feel free to contact any of us directly with a question, thought, or idea!

Andrea M. Amprey, MSW

Andrea as President of Amprey and Associates, is responsible for the operation of the company. Prior to this position, Andrea was President of Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems, Inc. (BSAS). BSAS is the organization responsible for managing and providing funding for the publicly funded substance abuse treatment and prevention system in Baltimore, Maryland. Andrea worked in the field of substance abuse for over twenty-seven years before joining the family owned company.

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Joanne Gould Dorrett

Joanne has spent the last 20 years involved in sales and marketing in the field of educational technology and has an extensive knowledge of the operations and curriculum of school districts. Joanne manages a team of consultants who work with Amprey and Associates in delivering the message and is involved in all aspects of the success of Amprey and Associates

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Fred E. Woodward

Fred has a highly specialized knowledge of the unique requirements of companies that would sell products or services to government. He is a sought-after and respected government sales and marketing consultant and speaker. Having a diverse business development portfolio, Fred applies his in-depth and insider’s knowledge to secure government business.

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Amprey and Associates features three former superintendents as advisors to our personnel on all matters. They are Dr. Carolyn Getridge, Dr. Franklin Smith, and Dr. James Williams. Each has agreed to serve in an advisory capacity to the President. They each share in the vision and mission of our company.