Fred E. Woodward

Business Development Associate

Fred has a highly specialized knowledge of the unique requirements of companies that would sell products or services to government. He is a sought-after and respected government sales and marketing consultant and speaker.  Having a diverse business development portfolio, Fred applies his in-depth and insider’s knowledge to secure government business.

With over 25 year’s distinguished background in federal, state and local government sales, Fred is our business development associate. His enviable record in achieving dramatic sales growth in the federal government sector and in expanding related disciplines to state and local governments with similar success has given him a knowledge base that is fueling our growth.

  • A strong business strategy acumen as a prime contractor, subcontractor, team partner or distributor.
  • In depth experience in developing a win-win strategy.  • Working knowledge of federal government procurement policies as defined by the FAR and GSA Product and Service Schedules standards.
  • Strong business development background in state, county and local governments. Demonstrated application of government cooperative purchasing agreements at the state, county and local level to generate sales.
  • Experience in preparing and briefing the contract representatives, project team, executive management and analysts on the project progress reports to secure cooperation, resolve controversial matters and solicit feedback.
  • Uses a cadre of government business information sources to acquire the market intelligence specific to our core competencies

With a focus on building bridges, Fred ensures that those on both sides of the sales divide benefit– a role he relishes and a value our customers appreciate.