The Walter G. Amprey Legacy

“Public education in America needs to be re-invented!”—Walter G. Amprey, EdD

Walter Amprey The Johns Hopkins School of Education has made its mission to confront the 21st century challenges in American education by becoming an incubator for new ideas and utilizing expertise from across the university, the education sector and beyond! One of the key components in this transformative initiative will be The Walter G. Amprey Visiting Fellows Program.

The Walter G. Amprey Visiting Fellows Program

To achieve its mission, the School of Education will partner with peer education institutions and progressive organizations that share our commitment to innovation and transformational leadership in education. Out of these unique partnerships from both the private and public sectors, the School of Education will recruit innovative and distinguished leaders for The Walter G. Amprey Visiting Fellows Program.

The Walter G. Amprey Visiting Fellows, named in honor of Walter G. Amprey, EdD —former Superintendent of Public Instruction for the Baltimore City Public Schools, nationally renowned urban education reformer and esteemed School of Education 1977 alumnus—will be invited to collaborate with faculty during a year-long fellowship. Each fellow will examine the most relevant issues in education reform such as teacher recruitment, training, assessment and retention; online learning; community school development; and closing the achievement gap. Inspired by Dr. Amprey’s deep engagement with and commitment to his community, this new generation of education reformers will disseminate their innovative ideas and research through local professional development presentations and symposium, as well as nationally distributed e-publications.

The School of Education’s ultimate fundraising goal is to establish a $100,000 endowment for The Walter G. Amprey Visiting Fellows Fund, to defray the costs for the Fellows’ travel and living expenses.

Help Re-Invent Public Education Today!

The Johns Hopkins School of Education invites you take part in this exciting education initiative to honor Walter G. Amprey, EdD. We can together signal to educators, public officials and scholars across the nation that now is the time to “re-invent” public education in America. You can show your support by making a tax-deductible contribution to The Walter G. Amprey Visiting Fellows Fund.

If you would like to receive more information about the numerous ways of getting involved and supporting the Walter G. Amprey Visiting Fellows Fund, please contact Michele Y. Ewing, Associate Dean at